Corona Virus: France Bans All Confined Gatherings of More Than 5,000 People


The French health minister announced today that all public gatherings with more than 5,000 people in confined spaces are prohibited. This news comes after an emergency Council of Ministers in France today regarding Corona Virus (Covid-19).

The number of Coronavirus cases in France is on the rise, with 73 cases while writing this article. The epidemic moved to stage 2 since Friday (out of 3 stages).

The Impact

Many announcements and cancellations are already out regarding events taking place in France. The Paris Half-marathon held this weekend will be canceled and we are expecting more in the upcoming hours and days.

In addition, even open-door events can be impacted if attendees are from areas with a high number of infections.

«Other events  in open environments will also be banned in case they imply contact with populations from areas where the virus is spreading”

Le Monde – French Health Minister Press Conference

Tomorrowland Winter

We all had this in mind when reading this news, how about Tomorrowland Winter? The festival did not make any official announcements yet regarding the impact of this decision. However, according to our sources, the organizers “did not receive a negative advise” for the moment.

Tomorrowland Winter has many indoor stages, with some exceeding 5000 people capacity. So we will be seeing an impact on these stages in case the festival is maintained.

For now, we do not know if it will be a closing of these stages, limitation of capacity, or conversion into outdoor stages. All options are possible. We are crossing fingers that the Book of Wisdom will open in two weeks.