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Coronavirus Forces Las Vegas Events to Cancel

The Coronavirus outbreak is a pandemic that has the whole nation on edge. Now it has affected local businesses and events in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is working with the U.S. Travel Association and public health organizations to monitor the spread and to issue updates. The situation in Las Vegas may potentially impact the future of EDC as well. Especially since festivals have been forced to cancel amidst health concerns.

So far, these are the events that have been cancelled:

AJA Video Systems announced in a statement this week it would not participate in the annual NAB convention. The convention is being held April 19 through April 22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The NXT Global Summit, which focuses on emerging trends in technology and media (July 14-15) has been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

Engineering company Aruba Networks said it will not host its upcoming Atmosphere conference (Mar 23-27) in person, but rather via video.

Adobe will not be hosting the Adobe Summit (Mar 29-Apr 2). The summit will be held online as a digital experience.

The Atlassian Summit (Apr 1-2) has been cancelled and will be held remotely instead.

Google cancelled an internal conference that was to take place in March. “In light of the evolving Coronavirus situation we made the decision to cancel an internal event that would have brought thousands of employees together from across two continents,” the spokesman said.

Businesses and events in Las Vegas have found workarounds to still hold their event. However, it’ll be much harder for music events to do the same.

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