Houston Man Crawls Through Air Ducts to Access Liquid Stranger Show


How far would you go to get into a sold-out show for one of your favorite artists? This past weekend, a Houston man risked everything to get into a sold out Liquid Stranger show. With tickets completely sold out, the man took extreme measures to get into the venue. Attendees inside one of the men’s restrooms during the event were met with a man falling through the drop-down ceiling.

According to reports, the man had used the air ducts to gain access to the building. Unlike the strategic spy movies, normal air ducts are usually not constructed to support a fully-grown human crawling through them. After falling through the ceiling, it’s reported the man proceeded to a sink and washed his hands as if nothing had happened. Pictures taken at the scene show several witnesses visibly shocked at what they had just seen. This man was committed!

“Bro if he got in like that I’m not looking for him, he deserves to be in here…. You did that!”

Johnny Bund, Owner of Virtuosos Entertainment

After the show, Liquid Stranger even retweeted another account explaining what happened at the venue.

The Aftermath

Those who had witnessed the not so stealthy break-in reported the man to event staff. Event promoters Virtuosos Entertainment stated that if the man went through all that trouble to get into the venue, he deserved to see the show. Rather than searching for the man, the event staff surprisingly let the man relax and enjoy the show after his tiresome mission. Still, we do not recommend attempting a similar break-in like this as other security and event staff will likely not be as forgiving.

All in all, Liquid Stranger’s Ascension Tour is just about halfway completed. There are still several stops left on the tour and tickets are selling fast. Get your tickets here before it’s too late and keep out of those air ducts!