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Jorn Van Deynhoven ‘Waiting On The Other Side’ (Feat. Christina Novelli)

Jorn Van Deynhoven’s new single ‘Waiting On The Other Side’ featuring Christina Novelli from the upcoming album ‘The Future Is Now’ brings bright synths, tight percussion, and crystalline vocals to the forefront in this melodic track.

The lucid wash of the vocals by Novelli brings a lightness and almost loftiness to the track. Novelli’s ability to wash over with such presence is a beautiful fit to such a melodic work. The lyrics themselves are more sobering. To me, they ring of perhaps losing touch with someone you used to be very close to. Then trying to find the meaning of life again after that lost connection. Then you’re reminded constantly of them, yet they’re still walking around with the gut-wrenching feeling you may run into them. Sort of hoping you do but also wouldn’t know what to do if you did.

The bright synths, however, are the life-blood of the melodic arrangement throughout. The bass in the track is perfectly there. It’s not overpowering but not subdued either. It reminds you of its presence without holding the main synths hostage.

‘Waiting On The Other Side’ is a gorgeous track all around and gets me so excited to listen to trance music. It’s one I’d love to hear in the club for sure because I feel like this is a track that almost cleanses you. Perhaps emotionally or even physically letting go of anything you’ve been holding onto. I really enjoy this track and can’t wait for this album.

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