JOYRYDE Shares Amazing Story About Latest ‘BRAVE’ Album


These past few weeks have certainly been an ugly ride, but there is always a silver lining. As the pandemic keeps growing more and more people are resorting to fear and hysteria. However, some people know how to always look at the bright side. JOYRYDE just shared a story about the latter in regards to his latest album.

JOYRYDE suffered a severe malfunction in his body due to a disk in his back collapsing as he stated. The 34-year-old artist opened up on social media about how he had to go through a tough time with meds and opioids to survive the surgery and pain.

The message wrote by JOYRYDE on his Facebook page reads as follows:

I wasn’t in the state of mind to finish the EP anymore. I knew right then it would be a long time until I could release music again and I really passed some moments disappointed in myself. But I learned there was nothing I could do.’

He finishes off stating the way he came back with pure will. To finish the album he went little by little, song by song. He ended sharing a wonderful phrase:

‘My role in life is to create for others. I’ve made peace with that notion. So here is something I did.’

Don’t forget to listen to JOYRYDE’s new album, BRAVE, here.