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Mild Minds Releases Debut Album ‘MOOD’

Mild Minds makes a return onto ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective imprint with his debut album, MOOD. The 9-track body of work revolves around ambient electronica, hosting one feature by the vocalist Boats. Previously, Mild Minds put out an EP titled ‘SWIM‘ which received a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Remixed Recording‘.

About the Album

“I’ve always believed that some of the best music comes when you do it somewhat naively and innocently. I hadn’t had that feeling in years so I intentionally hit a hard reset when starting this project. Letting go of everything I knew, the tools I used, the music I listened to, and expectations. I wanted to get back into that naive zone and see what came out. For music to be real you can’t over think what you’re doing, which is something I was always used to. The intention was to find inspiration in the world outside of music and create immediately as that inspiration hit. I wanted to play with the moods of current affairs and humanity, allow myself to feel something intense and then create a track to represent it in an abstract way. Some of my favorite music doesn’t adhere to a particular genre, so that’s something I also wanted to do with this album, bringing together pieces from many different genres.”

Mild Minds, Press Release

You can now listen to Mild Minds’ debut album, MOOD, via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective and Counter Records below!

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