New Design Coming To Spotify’s Mobile App


It feels like Spotify is in full-on rebuild mode. The music streaming powerhouse is continuing its string of user experience enhancements with yet another update today. This comes just days following a revamp to its New Music Friday playlist and podcast show pages. With this latest update, iOS users will see a new design for the mobile app interface. Seemingly, Spotify wants to overhaul its user experience as part of its larger plan to break into new markets. As a result, developers are now working hard to address concerns with difficulties using the app.

A new design for Spotify's mobile app rolls out today for iOS users.

Screenshots of the new design are already beginning to surface, offering a first look at the subtle tweaks. The most obvious changes are to the icons, cover art visibility, and overall continuity of the app. Aside from those revisions, the play button now offers a 1-click shuffle capability. Additionally, premium users will now see a mid-screen action bar, thus eliminating the need to access a menu. Certainly, those moves are a blatant attempt at simplifying the interface and encouraging one-handed use. All things considered, these alterations feel like a very small step in the right direction. Given its very recent history, it’s likely Spotify has more upgrades on the back-burner though.

At this time, however, not all users should expect to see Spotify’s new design. This update is only for iOS users and a timetable for Integration into Android devices isn’t available yet. Secondly, the changes won’t be visible until the rollout is complete. Nevertheless, with Spotify’s plans for a huge expansion, the development team is surely working on overdrive to finalize the update. With that in mind, it’ll be interesting to see what else they’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks and months.