Sam Feldt Launches New Label Heartfeldt Records


The Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is pretty much all we see in the news. With many countries around the world applying drastic lockdown measures to all of its citizens, the music industry is being jeopardised like never before. To bring some good news to the table, DJ and Producer Sam Feldt has just announced the launching of his new label Heartfeldt Records. We’re really happy to see that in spite of all the biggest music festivals getting cancelled, our favorite artists continue to work.

Very conscious about the hard path the music scene is going through, Sam thinks the label could bring more joy to these dark days:

“In the light of the current Corona Virus situation, I doubted postponing the long-planned launch of my own label Heartfeldt Records. In times like these, one really questions their own values and beliefs – and we are all forced into introspection. After thinking about this long and hard, I’ve decided to move ahead with the launch of the label – hoping for it to become a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration and enjoyment in these challenging times we all face.”

With this very down to earth statement, he’s moving forward as planned with the schedule of Heartfeldt records. The label, created in partnership with Spinning Records, will be driving positive change by being the first record label to donate 1% of all royalties to a greener planet through the Heartfeldt Foundation.

The first release on the label will be Hold Me Close, with Ella Henderson, and will be out on March 27h.

To stay up to date with Sam Feldt’s latest news, you can visit his instagram here.

Stay safe everyone, and don’t forget to stay home! Summer festivals like Tomorrowland will be waiting for you once the Covid-19 outbreak finally fades away.