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The Prodigy Shares Message on 1st Anniversary of Keith Flint’s Death

It’s officially been one year since the death of The Prodigy‘s lead singer, Keith Flint. Last year, on March 4th, 2019, he was found dead at age 49 in his home in Essex; it was confirmed that the singer had taken his own life. In honor of his passing, band members Liam Howlett and Maxim shared a heart-warming message on The Prodigy social media account for the strongly missed artist.

The Prodigy is an electronic dance music band known for many platinum records and many chart-topping tracks. Since their formation in 1990, they have been considered as the pioneers of the big beat genre. They are known for popular tracks such as ‘Firestarter,’ ‘Breathe,’ ‘Out of Space,’ and ‘Omen.’

Last August, Liam Howlett announced that there is still new music on the way under The Prodigy name. Despite Flint’s death, the band will still continue to create new music, solidifying their place in the dance music scene.

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