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ARTY – From Russia With Love Vol. 1

Russian favorite producer, ARTY, is back with a new EP! Titled ‘From Russia With Love Vol. 1‘, it is a collaboration with his comrades Stellz, Muvy, Kitone, and NK. We see its release on Armada Music.

He offers us four house tracks that smash speakers. Each is an explosive production, unlike what we have heard before. We cannot wait for him to bring this to his live sets. He always showcases his finest talents at festival crowds.

Outburst‘ starts off with a bone-chilling siren going off. A motivational speech builds up anticipation. Only to be detonated by the drop with some dubstep bass. It is an attack on your ears.

Freedom‘ has a progressive opening and chanting in the beginning. It follows the first track and seems to instill confidence and a sense of rage. What comes after is that outrageous house drop. This exotic sound is something we are here for.

Redline‘ opens up with an emotional, melodic anthem. But what comes after the progressive build-up is a dirty, dirty drop. Prepare your dirty faces because this is dance music.

Strings ID‘ closes the EP and goes back to Artem’s trance sound. It opens with light, airy string instrument chords. Oh yes, that drop is heavenly as we enter the gates of victory after a hard, long journey through the Russian grit.

“I am incredibly happy with how Vol. 1 of my ‘From Russia With Love’ EP has been received by the fans and dance music community! With its club roots, the music found a place in a lot of people’s hearts. And what’s even more incredible is the excitement from all of the friends of mine I’m working with on this project. Seeing the response from our tracks motivates them to keep making more amazing music and motivates me to keep pushing the limits. ‘FRWL, Vol. 1’ is out now, but it’s only the beginning of something much greater.” – ARTY

Now hit the play button below and don’t stop!

ARTY – From Russia With Love Vol. 1
Nina Chiang
Nina Chiang
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