Facebook Introduces New ‘Care’ Reaction Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


COVID-19 has caused great amounts of fear, uncertainty, and loneliness around the world. Now that almost everyone is quarantined at home, we’re beginning to appreciate the smaller things in life more than ever. Many of us are spending more time on social media, connecting with friends and family we cannot see in person just yet. In addition, we’re also interacting with more strangers on posts and Facebook groups. Facebook has recognized this reality and added a new feature that they think will make a positive impact over time.

“We know this is an uncertain time, and we wanted people to be able to show their support in ways that let their friends and family know they are thinking of them.”

Facebook added a new reaction to the web and mobile platforms. You’ll recognize it as a yellow figure embracing a red heart. On Messenger, users can long-press the heart reaction to send out a new purple heart. Facebook acknowledges the small tweaks aren’t going to solve all our problems but will give us another way to show our support for one another while social distancing.

Alexandru Voica, Facebook’s EMEA Communications Manager for Engineering, announced the new ‘care’ reaction on Twitter this week. According to her tweet, the new reaction will begin to roll out to users next week. On the other hand, it’s reported that the purple heart in messenger is available now. There’s no word if the reaction will be here for good or only temporarily but having a bit of positivity on social media will not do any harm. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!

Facebook’s New ‘Care’ Reaction