Instagram Considering Monetizing Live Streams


Streaming is all the rage right now, with everyone forced to stay indoors under the current COVID-19 pandemic. In a bid for artists and content creators to stay digitally connected, many have taken to Instagram or Twitch.

The conversation started on a Twitter thread that caught the attention of Instagram‘s VP of Product, Vishal Shah. The feed noted virtual crowds as big as 200,000 had occurred with no ability for this to be monetized. The thread then suggests ideas to compliment the Instagram Live experience, which Vishal confirmed was already under consideration. Ideas included the ability to purchase items or experiences such as merchandise, a meet and greet, virtual gifts or VIP status during live broadcasting.

This may look similar to how Twitch currently operates, which was originally designed for video gamers. You’re probably familiar with Twitch, whether it be for gaming or music. Popularised for the ability to live stream or broadcast recordings, artists such as Skrillex, Illenium and JVNA are regulars. If you’re a fan of the current virtual festivals trend, festivals such as Defected Virtual Festival and Couch Lands will be hosted there. Currently, Twitch broadcasters can earn revenue under the partnership program, while the platform itself earns income through advertising and memberships.

No date was provided by Instagram aside from a note to ‘watch this space’.