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Matt Lange Navigates Solitude on ‘Isolated: Week 2’

Matt Lange is utilizing his time bringing some solace during the COVID-19 pandemic through the ‘Isolated‘ series on week 2. With that in mind, he released the two tracks, ‘HOKUS POTUS‘ and ‘Fauci’s Dilemma‘ on his own imprint, Isorhythm, which hosts the series. The musical companionship offered from this work fittingly scores the current times while providing the artist’s expressive taste. Matt is no stranger to scores, having created works on movies such as Ford V. Ferrari, Ready Player One, and Blade Runner 2049. There’s a lot more where that came from, so read more about the artist and his impressive accomplishments here.

Matt Lange’s ‘Isolated: Week 2‘ kicks off with ‘HOKUS POTUS’ honing in on an eerie melody. Unearthing, abyssal bass and kicks work in tandem with siren sounds creating an urgency. Best of all, this builds into apocalyptic distorted metal guitar riffs and drums which may as well make their way into the DOOM video game. On the other hand, ‘Fauci’s Dilemma’ starts off with rapid plucks and smooth guitar melody retaining the dark tone. The track wraps around IDM textures making way for the haunting sounds. Overall, the artist delivers an expressive sound into the darker feelings of isolation and uneasiness.

More on Matt Lange

Matt Lange, without exaggeration, has one of the best ears especially when it comes to sound design and mixing. All of his musical outputs from Isorhythm, mau5trap, Anjunabeats, and Armada can certainly attest to that. For the time being, the artist is creating videos on YouTube that are brimming with information to learn. Who better to learn from than someone who’s considered among the top echelon of his craft? For example, watch the video below, and keep your eyes peeled on the channel for anything more to come.

Moreover, the ‘Isolated‘ series is up on the Isorhythm website, alongside stellar EPs, singles, and sample packs.

Finally, don’t miss out on hearing Matt Lange’s ‘Isolated: Week 2‘ via his own imprint, Isorhythm below!

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