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Microsoft Edge Becomes Second Most Popular Web Browser

After just three months, Microsoft Edge has risen to the second most popular web browser among users. If you weren’t taking count, Mozilla Firefox had previously held the second place position followed by Google Chrome in the lead.

Why exactly has Microsoft Edge done so well over a short period of time? It has been available for several years, so why are users choosing to use Edge now? Much of this lies in the electronic device the users are using. Are you on an iPhone, Mac, or PC? Since Microsoft Edge is now the default browser of Windows, there’s a potential increase in users with each purchased device.

Additionally, it’s believed that this upgraded version of Edge solves many of the problems that deterred users in the past. Available extensions, speed, and reliability have been improved to meet our current expectations. It’s also reported that Edge has some major security benefits, which is crucial in today’s online world. Ultimately, this version of Edge has given people what they wanted and proven efficient for day-to-day usage.

Will it be enough to surpass a giant like Google Chrome? Honestly, it would take many years, if not decades, for any browser to take the lead over Google Chrome. In terms of market shares, Google Chrome has a massive share of 68.5%. Trailing behind is Edge with 7.59%, Firefox with 7.59%, and Internet Explorer 11 holding 5.60%.

Still, Microsoft Edge has shown impressive progress in just 3 months. Moreover, we’re seeing that people are still open to change when it comes to web browsers!

Austin Rasmussen
Austin Rasmussen
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