Mixmag Closes New York Office and Moves Operations to UK


Popular music magazine publication Mixmag has officially closed its New York office and, unfortunately, it may not be temporary. On Twitter, a now-former worker named Jeremy Abbott posted the sad news. He states that the New York office has officially closed and all operations have now moved to the UK. Moreover, it seems that this U.S. office may be closed permanently. Abbott’s statement continues, stating that it “took a global pandemic” to take him down. Therefore, it seems that the publication’s closure may have been a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak currently affecting the United States.

Certainly, New York is taking most of the brunt of the pandemic in the United States. The state is suffering tremendously as it has one of the largest amounts of coronavirus cases in the country. As a result, all non-essential businesses have been closed, leading to many lay-offs, permanent closures, and bankruptcies. Furthermore, Mixmag must have been facing some of the effects brought by COVID-19, leading its New York office to close.

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