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Motorola Edge+ Leak Reveals Specs and $1,000 Price Tag

Another smartphone leak has spread online, this time aimed at Motorola’s Edge+. The new phone was set to be released Wednesday, April 22nd, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic we are battling. Unfortunately, there was an apparent blog post that showcased the exact specifications of the Edge+ everyone has been waiting for. Everything from the device’s internals to the hefty price tag leaked.

According to a report from Droid Life, the blog post was uploaded early, likely by mistake. Although the post has since been removed, the damage has been done. While some of the specs listed in the blog post confirmed early leaks and theories reported in the past months, there is some new information. Starting with the basics, the Edge+ will include a 6.7-inch 1080p OLED display. Furthermore, the edges of the display will, in fact, curve around the edge of the device. Next, the device will reportedly have 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This will be perfect for all of your photos, work, and entertainment needs.

Going back to the display, it’s stated the Edge+ will have a 90Hz refresh rate and a Snapdragon 865 processor, powerful enough for when you need to run multiple apps at once. On the back of the phone, a 16MP ultra-wide camera and 8MP telephoto camera will be one of the main highlights. There will be three cameras in total on the rear of the device. If these specs are accurate, the Edge+ will be capable of recording 6K. Still, most people will not need 6K functionalities for day to day use. Lastly, the Edge+ will include 5G capabilities.

The Price

All of these specs and design elements sound great but how much is this device going to cost? According to the post, the Edge+ will go for $1,000. It’s not crazy expensive like the Galaxy Fold but still a good amount for a smartphone. All in all, the Edge+ will compete well with its Apple and Samsung competitors. The real question is concerning how many phones will sell this year as people are saving money and staying home due to COVID-19. Either way, we just won’t be able to line up overnight for our favorite electronics for a while.

Keep your eyes out for the official Edge+ launch on April 22nd.

Austin Rasmussen
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