New AirPods Could Be Around The Corner


One of the best sellers of Apple could be ready for a new version of the product. The date for the expected release of the new generation of AirPods could be as soon next month.

The next generation of AirPods were supposed to be announced at Apple’s rumored March event. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus outbreak the event had to be delayed.

The company of Cupertino could also delay the launch of iPhone 12 because of the same reason. In addition, Apple realized that the global economy is not in the best state so they announced a new edition of the iPhone SE.

Jon Prosser, the man behind the YouTube channel Front Page Tech, believes the new ‌AirPods‌ could launch sometime next month. Nobody knows the real dates but this could be a great guess.

The information regarding the features of Apple’s next-generation ‌AirPods‌ is still unclear. They may feature the same in-ear design as the AirPods Pro without Active Noise Cancellation, the price is also an incognita.

In February, another tech site named DigiTimes briefly addressed a new Apple product named ‘AirPod Pro-Lite’. It is still unsure if these earphones are part of the new generation or just a new member of the ‌AirPods Pro‌ family.


Jon Prosser also leaked that this release will be probably alongside the MacBook Pro next month. He also recently claimed that Apple is targeting WWDC to launch new high-end over-ear headphones and September-October to launch BeatsX-like “‌AirPods‌ X.”

Without a doubt, this is amazing news for audiophile lovers of Apple. Despite that there is nothing official yet, the new products of Apple seem to be right around the corner.