Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Details Emerge


As designs for the new iPhone 12 have recently leaked online, new details have been circulating around the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. These early reports are coming from Android Guys, and are quite exciting to say the least.

Rumor has it the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have some awesome new features including the S pen and a 120Hz screen. It is also being shared that the device will have a 7.59-inch main display with a 2,213 x 1,689 pixel resolution. In addition to this, the main display will have a 120Hz refresh rate. The internal display will be 6.23 inches with a resolution of 2,267 x 819 pixels, a much larger size than the previous model. According to Ross Young, founder/CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, a few other features were shared on his Twitter:

Galaxy Fold 2 leak – Front Display
•Size: 6.23”
•Resolution: 2267 x 819
•Refresh Rate: 60Hz
•Backplane Technology – LTPS
•Notch/Hole/UPC – Hole

All in all, this new device will be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold was lauded as “the most forward-thinking smartphone of 2019” by TechRadar; therefore, we can only hope for the same with this next version. Samsung delivered on the promise of a foldable phone and the Galaxy Fold 2. They will only learn from the previous mistakes made from the old model. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Galaxy Fold 2.