Bassnectar Presents ‘All Colors’ Album Preview


Bassnectar returns with an All Colors album preview, featuring two tracks: ‘Nice & Easy‘ featuring Rodney P and ‘Empathy (Bass Remedy Mix)‘.

Even though there seems to be bad news about live electronic music events daily, the release of new music isn’t stopping. Bassnectar proves this fact. Bassnectar is a legend in the electronic music scene. He is always captivating, with a consistent and strong bass sound. This has made him one of the greatest electronic music djs and producers.

After announcing the arrival of this album, his first LP since 2016’s Unlimited, the DJ and producer moreover offers an All Colors album preview with these two tracks.

All colors album previewof Bassnectar: Nice & Easy and Empathy bass remedy mix
Photo: Rukes

‘Nice & Easy’ ft. Rodney P.

The first track in the All Colors album preview is complete madness. This song is reminiscent of classic Drum & Bass and Jungle.

Some people say it’s reminiscent of ‘It’s About to get Hectic 2.0’ and they have good reasons to say that. Indeed the bass and sound design showcases the classic Bassnectar Style.

Rodney P’s voice gives more aggressiveness to the basslines that Bassnectar has put into it. Additionally, power increases even more in the second half with full swing drum and bass warmer.

‘Empathy’ (Bass Remedy mix)

The second track in the All Colors album preview is a remastered classic. As most fans of this producer know, this song is a new version of a track from his 2012 album Vava Voom. This remix pays tribute to the original version increasing the melody and synths.

This remix has been part of his live acts for years (since 2014) and until now has its formal release. Better late than never.

Of course , this song is already loved by his fans, particularly those who remember the old days of Bassnectar drum & bass.

All the proceeds from this record will be donated to children’s health institutions, proving once again that he is an artist who likes to give back. This is reminiscent to a few years ago, when he offered therapy to 1000 fans.

All Colors arrives on June 19th, 2020.