Drug Dealers Posing as Joggers & NHS Staff During Lockdown


In United Kingdom, drug dealers are currently thinking of new ways to sell drugs during the Covid-19 quarantine.

Some dealers are dressing as key employees or operating from supermarket car parks. Some of them are using fake NHS (National Health Service in United Kingdom) IDs to continue selling drugs and avoid police detection. They are also changing their ways of delivering drugs through letters, packages or phone orders.

Drug dealers are posing as Jogders to avoid the police detection

Customers throw money in the back seats to keep drugs dealers’ things clean. Said the director of the National Centre of Gang Research ( NCGR) at The University of West London:

“On one hand they really are heeding government advice on social distancing. But at the same time it is business as usual and as people were panic-buying food, dealers were running bulk deals and selling lockdown party packs”.

Simon Harding, NCRG director.

Blocking and restrictions affect the gang model or “County Lines”, that employ young or vulnerable people as couriers to move drugs between cities and smaller towns.

New techniques have also reduced cuckooing, where drug dealers appropriate a vulnerable person’s home to cut, pack, and distribute drugs. Because it’s too risky for their health.

“Street gangs are being forced to find new tactics, such as shifting grooming and recruitment online to social media. This means young people can become ensnared in dangerous gang activity from their phones while their families have no idea and that is a worry”

Simon Harding, NCRG director

Drugs dealers and their opportunity in Uk Lockdown

The Border Force and NCA have announced several seizures of drugs in boats, vans and Lorries trying to enter the Uk. Some prices are going up in price and some police fear theft or shoplifting.

Drugs selling is one of the businesses most benefited by the coronavirus
Credits: KCLU

People are getting creative throughout the quarantine and the drug dealers aren’t the exception. Some weeks ago , some people hid $1.3 million worth of cocaine in face masks and another dealer told the police he was a key worker.

Many people are using the social isolation to improve their mental health. But, according to The Guardian Report, drug consumption is increasing.