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Ferry Corsten – Tomorrow

Ferry Corsten is giving us another new track titled ‘Tomorrow‘. It is a deep, ambient trance piece, where the trance legend follows up his ‘As Above So Below‘ album.

It starts off with an angelic melody and soothing synths. Quiet at first, they slowly crescendo in volume. They sound off and fill you with uplifting emotion. It is a beautiful start to a wonderful, transcendent song. The drop progresses the mood but keeps us enlightened the whole way through. We see its release on his own imprint, Flashover Recordings.

The single continues his newfound passion for orchestral landscapes and film scores. This song definitely strikes hope and optimism in our hearts during this social distancing. We can see this being played live, for sure.

Corsten hails from Rotterdam, and has been relentlessly producing in the studio lately. With no tours happening right now, the decks make the perfect place to channel his signature sound. Have you listened to his most recent album under his ambient, emotional, and subversive alias, FERR?

Our Dutchman is hitting us with the deep-ended, floor stomping dance tracks that melt our hearts and souls.

‘About ‘Tomorrow’…after the FERR by Ferry Corsten album ‘As Above So Below’, I wanted to go back to the dance floor with a deeper orientated track that still keeps the intimacy of where I just came from.” – Ferry Corsten

We believe just that as we listen to the track. It is pure bliss and everything a trance head needs to add to their repertoire. Ferry has over two decades of experience and a discography of trance classics that will remain legendary. He’s played under multiple aliases which shows his versatility in the industry game.

Keep it up Ferry. We eagerly await your return to the stage! Take a listen to his newest single below.

Ferry Corsten – Tomorrow | Buy/Stream
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