Jody Wisternoff – Nightwhisper Album


Anjunadeep staple, Jody Wisternoff, just unveiled his first album in eight years. Titled ‘Nightwhisper‘, he hits 2020 in the face with some awesome new tracks.

He released quite a few singles over the last few years and now we get a whole album. While simultaneously touring and leading family full time, the legend is back.

“I wrote this album last year during the most hectic period of my life so far. Playing incredible parties in faraway destinations pretty much every weekend, coming straight home to be a full-on family man, and looking after my dying dad. I supposed the creative process of making this record was a form of meditation; trying to find a peaceful headspace amidst such contrasting lifestyles and emotions.” -Jody Wisternoff

We find the soft, ambient sounds that we love about Jody in ‘Morning U‘. Elegant violin strings harmonize with light, airy piano keys for an uplighting meditation. Meanwhile ‘Story of Light‘ gives us a mind-bending trek through the dunes of time. ‘Lately‘ is a funky track featuring Rondo Mo, bringing the soulful vibes here. ‘Blue Space’ packs lyrics with an emotional punch to the melody of Jinadu.

Experience sonic tales packed with emotion in ‘Emochine‘. He also gives us highs and lows of club-ready hits in ‘Nightwhisper‘ and ‘Here To Stay’ where the progressive trance takes us home. Find the somber ballads in this victorious and relatable LP, like with ‘For Those We Knew‘, featuring Mimi Page. He squeezes the best notes that technology can give in ‘Something Real‘, ‘Andromeda‘, ‘The Spark‘, and ‘Reverie‘. They have the perfect beat with the perfect bass line.

This album showcases all of life’s obstacles thrown at him. The introspection, joy, and pain felt within each track are quite powerful. Prep your speakers and mind your ears for Wisternoff’s journey of an album below.

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