Apple iPhone 13 Concept Suggest USB-C Port and No Notch


It’s only June but many of us are already looking forward to better times next year. As early as it may seem, there are already leaks and theories for Apple’s iPhone 13. It’s odd that there’s already leaks for next year’s iPhone when we don’t even know what this year’s iPhone lineup will include. Still, it’s always fun to see how close the predictions and so-called leaks come to the finalized product.

In one of the first iPhone 13 leaks, Japanese website Mac Otakara shared a 3D printed concept of what they call, the iPhone 13. Reports state that the design was crafted using “Alibaba sources”, along with other unknown sources. Due to these circumstances, we can only categorize these models as initial concepts . Nonetheless, a quick glance at these 3D prints reveal a notchless iPhone. We assume most consumers would like to see the notch removed from the iPhone once and for all, so 2021 could be the year!

The 3D printed iPhone is stated to be a 5.5-inch model. It fits snuggly in the hand, one of the more popular iPhone sizes. Now, with the notch gone, where exactly did the cameras, Face-ID components, and microphone go? The article states that by 2021, Apple may incorporate Samsung’s Under Panel Sensor technology. Having these components incorporated under the display would be the best way to have a notchless device, along with slim bezels.

Lastly, the site suggests that the 2021 device will have a USB-C port. Oddly, this challenges other reports that the iPhone 13 will be completely port-less. Additionally, recent theories suggest Apple may switch from lightning to USB-C this year on the iPhone 12. Nonetheless, all of these changes could be a big improvement for the iPhone. For now, we can look forward to Apple’s iPhone 12 reveal later this year. You can read more about this year’s lineup here.