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ARTY x NK – Who Am I

ARTY is wreaking havoc again, after his first collaborative project with his Russian comrades. Now he is out with a new track titled ‘Who Am I‘ working with NK again to unleash the first track off the secondFrom Russia With Love’ EP. We see yet another release for Armada Music.

With suspenseful chords and electro house touches this track is a worthy sequel. And we know how sequels can be. This is a new progressive house banger with tons of rock and roll vibes. One minute and a half in, the echoing melody takes you to a higher level. A slow buildup accumulates the tension inside you, your bodies aching for the drop. Soon after, he gives it to you in cosmic waves.

We don’t know about you, but we are surely enjoying this new progressive direction Artem is taking. From the title to the lyrics, the song sounds like a toast to the self. With words like “I don’t wanna see you fall / In too deep / I ain’t gonna let you down/ Who am I?”, it sounds like a self discovery.

What better way to do that then through music making. As the second part to his EP series, we wonder how many he will do. One thing is for sure: our interest is peaked. With more artists channeling a different pace of style, but still keeping true to themselves, that is what music making is about.

These experimental collaborations prove that ARTY is capable of great ranges. He is an all-around standup producer that we can appreciate. Our excitement fuels his motivation, so let’s keep giving it to him!

Check out his newest single below.

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Nina Chiang
Nina Chiang
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