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Bart Skils — Settle In The Sun — Drumcode — DC226

Bart Skils returns to Drumcode for his first ninth EP since 2018. Titled ‘Settle In The Sun‘, it consists of three sensational techno tracks for your listening pleasure.

These new productions come straight from his studio after six months of hard work. ‘Settle In The Sun‘ is the titled track and channels Venice Beach’s skate culture and energy. He used an extended stay in LA over New Years as inspiration for this track. He never ceases to amaze us with his range in melodies. Listen for that uplifting, big riff of a weaponized drop.

Tropical Heat’ comes next and starts off with evocative chants followed by a rave-kissed melody. That drumline is everything and gives it that sinful rolling groove. Skils’ inspiration with this one comes from his travels to South America. Aptly named for its climate, we can see this playing as we explore the mountains and highlands in its natural heat.

Shiva Says’ closes out the EP as the third track. It is a peak-time, brain-bender in the best of ways. The monster synth line drives the track forward, as it grows and progresses into an anthem for this deity. Acidic, electric synths grind your ears in ways you never knew you needed when it comes to his kind of techno.

As you know, Bart continues to be one of the label’s most consistent achievers going back to 2012. His debut on this label is one of the greatest gifts dance music has given to us. He has built a stellar repertoire of eight original EPs, a stunning remix of Moby’s ‘Go’, and DC treasure/collaboration with Adam Beyer ‘Your Mind’. Plus, he regularly plays with other heavyweights of the genre. Mmm, mmm, do we love techno.

Now, listen to the new EP below.

Bart Skils — Settle In The Sun — Drumcode — DC226
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