Bonnie X Clyde Release Latest Love Powered Track ‘Love Is Killing Me’

Bonnie X Clyde Love Is Killing Me

Bonnie X Clyde – Love Is Killing Me

Bonnie X Clyde are back! The American duo returned today with their latest track, and it’s an amazing one! Bonnie X Clyde’s latest track is titled ‘Love Is Killing Me’. The electro-pop track was released through Ultra Music Records.

With the vocals handled by the amazing Bonnie, this song is simply amazing. The lyrics focused on a toxic relationship are ridden by some simple, yet amazing chords during the beginning of the track. After a riser, an amazing house-y drop takes over, still accompanied by the main chorus perfectly panned all over the drop. This is a track you can listen to at a festival, inside of a club, or while driving around. It’s certainly a great track by the LA-based duo.

With this track, Bonnie X Clyde continues to demonstrate what we already know. They can handle a lot of styles. Going from ‘Bass Jam’ and ‘Hooked’ to this new style shows nothing but great comprehension of dance music as a whole spectrum. The duo is known for bringing tons of different vibes and influences into their sets, and into their extensive library as well.

With this latest track, the duo goes into a new direction. While keeping a set of lyrics similar to the songs they’ve released this year, the melody is certainly different. A club-like vibe is the predominant essence of this song. This, of course, does not mean the song is any worse or anything. I love Bonnie X Clyde, and this is one of the best songs I’ve heard from them.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to continue enjoying the duo’s rich variety and talent. Once again, they’ve done nothing short but a fantastic job. A truly amazing track which showcases variety and a desire to break the cage fans can sometimes place artists in when assigning them a specific genre.

Bonnie X Clyde – Love Is Killing Me