Disinfectant Mist Walkthroughs For Concert Venues Could Be Coming


As the US and other countries of the world move to new phases of reopening, here is a rumor regarding entry upon concerts. Walking through disinfectant mists upon entrance could be a thing.

Yes, this is to keep up with social distancing rules. In addition to wearing face masks, sanitizing your hands, and keeping at least two feet apart, UK venue bosses came up with this. This idea derived from a Phantom of the Opera production in Seoul, Korea. Attendees had their temperature taken and a questionnaire filled out regarding their symptoms and places visited. The extra necessary precaution could be one step closer to returning us what we lost.

They say huge arena concerts could reopen as early as the fall. So coming up with ideas to expedite things isn’t such a bad thing. Let’s just remember that everything is an assumption right now. No matter how many times you check your temperature, wash your hands, or simply be careful you just never know.

Now, this isn’t to scare you from trying to return to normalcy. It is just to assess the gravity of the situation we are in. Right now, our beaches are being flooded again and eating/shopping experiences are different. Already operating at less than half capacity, productivity also slows due to cleaning interims.

In order for venues to function and be sustainable, of course it takes at least 90% capacity. How can that happen with social distancing? We need more guinea pigs to test out these UK hypotheses. But without a vaccine, we put more people at risk. Who is willing to take one for the country and figure things out?

Just know, we aren’t actually advising that anyone put themselves out there to the test without proper protection. But here’s hoping that we have some answers soon.