G Jones Withdraws From Dancefestopia Due to COVID-19 Concerns


As COVID-19 affect live performance and events, the rescheduling of these shows and its lineup is subject to change. Plenty of festivals such as Coachella and EDC have been forced to postpone or cancel due to the health risks that it may bring. Not only are attendees and performers at risk, but their communities will be too.

Although cities and states across America have been slowly reopening, COVID-19 still exists as a threat. G Jones issued a statement on social media regarding his involvement in shows at this time. He states that he has no intentions to play any crowded live event until it is safe to do so. Following that, G Jones announced that he will be withdrawing from the Dancefestopia lineup that is schedule to play in Kansas during September.

Statement from G Jones regarding Dancefestopia

G Jones emphasizes the social responsibility while setting an example of what should be done. He address the matter civilly, and answers any potential concerns from people with opposing views.

As shows and events slowly pick up again, it’s important for potential attendees to read the regulations clearly to determine whether the event is safe to attend. It’s more important to prioritize the well being of you and your community over having fun.

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