Tomorrowland 2019 is Visible on Google Earth


You might be tempted during the lockdown to pay a virtual visit to Tomorrowland‘s home, Boom, Belgium. If so, try doing it on Google Earth, where you can see now the Tomorrowland 2019 site build.

Tomorrowland Google earth view (Mainstage, l’Orangerie, Lotus, Atmosphere..)

The whole 2019 build-up is visible, along with the surrounding areas. So if you ever wanted to show your friends how big the festival is, convince them that it is important to arrive early because dreamville is huge, or just remember some amazing times from last year, this is your chance.

The shots were taken between weekends one and two or before the madness began, seeing how empty Dreamville is. The tables in front of the Freedom stage are still there, which means that the new stage outside wasn’t built yet. The Freedom stage’s roof also seems intact, before it collapsed on weekend 2.

Freedom Stage Google Earth View

This is the first time Tomorrowland is visible on satellite imagery. This view shows also the unseen backstage setup, the impressive size of some stages, and what’s in the festival surroundings. You will be surprised to see how close some neighbors are to the mainstage.

Maybe the most impressive thing is the size of Dreamville, the camping site hosting 40,000 festival-goers. Going from one end of Dreamville, all the way to The Freedom Stage on the other end of the site can take up to 1 hour walk.

If you wanna have a look at your last year’s spot, you can zoom in, tent marks are very visible. Be careful however, nostalgia will not be there too.

Check the satellite view here, or go on google earth and search for Boom, and look for De shorter near the river.