Tomorrowland Teases with Mysterious Countdown


If you visited Tomorrowland‘s Website this weekend, you must have seen this new countdown. It started a few days ago and was followed by a mysterious video on the festival’s socials.

We all know that Tomorrowland will not go under the radar, or without any unique announcement while we wait for the 2021 edition. And this new countdown proves this to be true.

Only last Tuesday, Tomorrowland hosted the last edition of United Through Music last, after weeks of bringing world-class DJ acts to everyone’s home.

What can we expect? Many are betting on a virtual event to be taking place during the canceled 2020 Tomorrowland weekends in July.

Others are speculating on an extra weekend to be announced for 2021. This would allow more fans to enjoy the festival. Note that all ticket holders for the 2020 edition were offered to keep their tickets for 2021. This will make getting a ticket for next year practically impossible.

All these options are very likely, but only the end of the countdown will give us the answer. The timer will end this Thursday at 3 pm CEST ( 9 am EDT, 6 am PDT). What are your guesses? Stay tuned to figure out what Tomorrowland has in store for us with this countdown.