You Can Now Mass Delete/Archive On Facebook


It’s been a difficult time during this social distancing. Facebook and other social media have become platforms for expression and playing devil’s advocate. Given this time at home, FB is making it easier to get rid of troubling posts you shared in the past.

This new feature aims to help you mass delete ancient (or current) shared posts. Now, you no longer need to hide them from your timeline or set notifications for when someone tags you. We’ve all posted something back in the days that may not age well today. So, if you feel like having a social media cleanse that isn’t purging your untouched contacts, try this.

Currently, deleting posts can be done individually and tediously. Now, follow these steps below:

  • Find your profile picture in the Facebook app. Click Go to Activity Log.
  • Tap Manage Activity, then click “Your Posts
  • A new screen pops up and lets you filter your posts. Filter by date range, or people tagged.
  • Select posts and choose either Archive or Trash. Then, done!

Embarrassing photos from teenage years or cheesy quotes can be a thing of the past. Sometimes, purging yourself of certain things is a good thing. Plus, minimizing your online presence could be a relief given the current state of things. After all, you’re expressing yourself through the Internet and you never know who has eyes on you.

The delete feature is available now on the FB mobile app, later to appear on desktop and Facebook Lite. Archived posts appear in a folder of yours, undeleted but removed from your timeline. This would be a good way to keep what you want personally, kind of like the “Saved For You” feature.

You can wait 30 days or just delete it immediately. You’ve been in control of your profile since the beginning, but now you can become the master at your own cybersecurity.

These snazzy new UI updates could be beneficial to those that need it. Kudos to all you social media gurus out there. As always, stay safe and united!