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Howling – Need You Now (Adriatique Remix)

Right on the cusp of their album, Colure, coming out, Howling enlisted Adriatique to remix the single, ‘Need You Now.’ Howling is the duo consisting of RY X and Frank Wiedemann, who is one half of Âme.

Adriatique’s remix of ‘Need You Now’ by Howling remarkably highlights both projects’ very distinct sounds and production styles. The remix plays on a mellow feeling through its light percussive tones and fetching plucks. This is also intertwined by wailing synths in the background creating a sort of melancholic malaise. From that point on, the exasperated vocals press through the production with a gleam, giving it expanded life. Adriatique’s signature doesn’t escape the track and is aptly highlighted, marking their personal touch.

RY X on Colure

“We made this record around the world in the different places we found each other among our travels and tours. we created studios in houses from gear we had on the road, we woke early with the sun to make music. It was a beautiful process of exploring sound and inspiration together”.

RY X – Press Release

Listen to Adriatique remix ‘Need You Now’ by Howling via Counter Records below!

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