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Shadient Stuns on ‘Infinite Structure EP’

Proving himself time and time again, Shadient is back with his best work to date through the Infinite Structure EP. The three-track body of work is now out via SLANDER and NGHTMRE‘s GUD VIBRATIONS imprint. In addition, proceeds will be split and donated to Reclaim The Block, North Star Health Collective, and the Louisville Community Bail Fund.

Infinite Structure Tracks

First off, the EP starts with ‘Fade,’ a track in which Shadient himself sings on. It’s introduced by an ethereal mood which remains consistent throughout the EP. The wide vocals drown in heavy kicks, bass, and snappy snares. Topping off, the haunting yet graceful melody takes lead moving towards the breakdown. It doesn’t end, nor repeat itself there, featuring a corroding, sinister-sounding spoken word. Following, the snare strike breaks the rhythm into an ardent arpeggio calling upon a classic sound. From there on, ‘Fade’ continues to hit with the emphasis on drums until the outro. ‘Erode‘ continues to build on that classic tone while retaining innovative and outstanding qualities. What stands out is the structural movement within the production and variety which leaves nothing to be desired. From the hard-hitting punchy notes, to the softer and glowing synth tones, there’s always something to pay attention to.

The previously released ‘Miles of Mind‘ featuring fknsyd finishes off the Infinite Structure EP. Shadient’s magnum opus which has been spinning around in our heads since opening his Secret Sky set with it. From the moment it opens, fknsyd’s tone mesmerizes with minimal backing production to let it shine. With an instant snap, the track monstrously devolves into one of the most infectiously energetic anthems that instantly leave a memorable mark. Onward, vocals come back strengthening the dichotomy between the ethereal and energetic, only to aptly combine those elements through the resonant and wailing synths. Concluding, it brings all of its elements together, highlighting just how well each sound functions on its own, and within a body. With all that being said, Shadient’s ‘Miles of Mind’ featuring fknsyd has to be one of the best releases throughout the entirety of the year.


Listening to the EP, it becomes abundantly obvious that Shadient wears his influences on his sleeve, and takes them to deliver an original piece of artistic work which can only come from him. Within its portrayal, the music seems to be coming from a place in which the artist understands, and sticks to their vision. Shadient even made the artwork for Infinite Structure, showing the initiative to keep it all organic.

Moreover, a good reference to the direction he’s heading towards is the Inturder-Set performance at Porter Robinson‘s Secret Sky. Within, none-other than Mark Robinson created the immersive design and visuals which you can watch here. Without a shadow of a doubt, Shadient is shaping up to be an incredibly inspiring force to contend with. To further support the artist, you can do so through his Patreon which will also give you access to some exclusive content such as unreleased music or samples.

Lastly, listen to Shadient stun on his Infinite Structure EP via GUD VIBRATIONS below!

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