Walmart Will Offer Drive-In Movie Theaters in 160 Parkings


Walmart and Tribeca Enterprises are partnering up to provide a fresh source of entertainment this pandemic: drive-in movie theaters. Due to the new outbreak of COVID, it is a great plan to enjoy some movies safely. As the saying goes: dire times call for dire measures.

At this time, 160 Walmart parking lots will become socially distanced venues this summer. The company announced its partnership with Tribeca yesterday with a curious tweet.

The Partnership With Tribeca

Walmart is not the only company partnering with Tribeca, as other sponsors like iHeartRadio, Heineken, and Allstate also joined the original project. The broadcast of this set of films will take place in Florida, New York, California, and Texas throughout July.

The American multinational retail corporation will have to reorganize the parking lots. This modification must suit the possibility of hosting drive-in concerts. They will enable 160 parking lots for the activity. Moreover, the number of drive-in showings will grow until 320. Quite a high number of drive-in showings that will give the chance of attending to everyone.

This new functionality of Walmart’s parking lots will start in August and should come to its end in October. As the COVID 19 is forcing the ban of many activities, it is always nice to have a safe alternative plan like this one.

Making The Best Out Of A Bad Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic is devastating. The entertainment industry estimates a $160 billion loss during the next years. Livestreams, recorded sets and virtual festivals keep proliferating, but it is not the same. People around the world keep reneging about the dangers of the virus and cities like London keep shutting down illegal raves.

As expected, Walmart and associates will work to make some profit out of the situation. The hypermarket chain will offer its Tribeca attendees the chance to purchase refreshments, as well as curbside pickup options. The 320 showings’ will be ‘family-friendly’, with movies for all the ages, but the titles are still unknown. As an additional value, actors, directors, and celebrities are expected to make surprise appearances at a portion of the functions.

Walmart Drive-In

Movies You Can Watch

Although it is not official yet, Tribeca leaked that showings will feature films including Black Panther, The Dark Knight, and The Fast & the Furious. Regarding prices, tickets will start at $26 (plus a $9 fee) for each vehicle or $35 (as well as the $9 fee) per vehicle for double features.