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BENZI And BLVD Team Up To Remix Khia’s Classic ‘My Neck, My Back’

“My Neck, My Back”. A unique raunchy rap hit of 2002. For many, the stepping stone and pioneering predecessor that paved the way for today’s female empowerment jams inside hip hop. Today, ‘My Neck, My Back’ a unique hip-hop classic has been masterfully remixed by BENZI and BLVD creating an instant G-house jewel.

Khia - My Neck, My Back (BENZI BLVD Remix)

I mean, that’s as 2000’s cover, then I don’t know what is. ‘My Neck, My Back’ by female rapper Khia reached success all over the world and would pave the way for female rappers to build a career over. Now, almost 20 years after its release, one of the most underground, rawest genres takes over it to deliver a unique take on the track. Thanks to American NYC DJ/Producer Benzi and Miami-based BLVD, G-House has now taken over one of the 2000’s hip-hop classics.

My Neck, My Back

Hard basslines. Deep Vocals. Underground ghetto feeling. That’s exactly what this new remix brings into the game. Khia’s refreshed vocals are paired with an increased tempo and a bouncy thumping house beat to create this masterful G-house remix. So far, the track has exploded inside the industry. It has received early support from heavyweight DJs like Party Favor and Valentino Khan, certifying it as a G-house belter. I have to admit, neither BENZI nor BLVD were on my radar. However, after this, you’ll definitely catch me getting my hands on every single one of their records.

This is that classical G-house sound few DJs can deliver. The slow tempo track. The strong bassline. Those amazing leads. I’ve only heard a fistful DJs deliver in such an amazing way. A track that makes you want to take to the streets, full Malaa outfit on, and dance to house music until the sun comes out.

Stream Khia – My Neck, My Back (BENZI X BLVD Remix) below!

Sebastian Flores Chong
Mexican DJ/Producer. Lived in Germany and Mexico. I'm all about House. "Never cared about trends. God knows I’m on my own path." -Tchami
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