Disco Donnie’s No Parking On The Dance Floor Drive-In Event Canceled Due To Unforeseen Circumstances


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Disco Donnie’s drive-in event ‘No Parking on the Dance Floor‘ canceled this weekend. The lineup featured Subtronics, Level Up, HE$H, and others. Below is the initial statement.

Set to have taken place on August 1st at The Showboat Drive-In, police shut it down without formal reason. Media outlets The Festival Owl and EDM Maniac claim that social distancing violations and mask concerns were the issues. Disco Donnie insisted that is not the case, per his tweet below.

We’re waiting on his release statement, though Donnie is a little steamed about it.

We get it–2020 is just not the year for us, as almost all events since March have been canceled. It saddens us, but what saddens us more is no reason, some refunds, and no recompense. We’ve had some attempts at drive-in events to accommodate for the COVID-19 conditions and restrictions. But no one has successfully mastered it.

But what we can do is appreciate the endeavors that have been made. It isn’t easy trying to fight mother nature and biological conundrums. The EDM community is great at sticking together through this time. If we keep working hard, our world will return bigger, badder, and stronger than ever.

What more can COVID-19 take from us next? So far, it’s halted every projected event around the world. For countries that can return to normal, perhaps house parties will suffice. As for the US, large events remain a distant memory with no foreseeable future.

We anticipate the return of events in the new year, but I expect we must do our part to ensure that happens.

Perhaps it really is time for a cultural reset this year…