Grum – Heartbeats: Ten


Scottish electronic producer Grum celebrates the 10th anniversary of his debut album ‘Heartbeats‘ with ‘Heartbeats: Ten‘. Releasing this on his Deep State Recordings label, he’s going back to his roots of sound. We think this is the perfect sequel to the good ol’ days. He gives us some old and some new, with 80s, trance, and progressive.

It features seven tracks along with two remixes from his pals Tinlicker and Paul Thomas. Taking the progressive trance and house to new heights, but also taking us back in time, let’s dive into the tracks.


Through The Night‘ starts off slow, with progressive trance elements in voice and tone. Slowly, it ascends into the sickest nu-disco chorus line and tempo. The 80s vibe is strong with this track. From the soundscape to the melody and driven bass line, this is just the beginning of this nostalgic journey. Tinlicker’s remix is quintessential, crossing it into tech-trance boundaries.

Secondly, ‘Runaway‘ picks up the pace in tempo and is reminiscent of a video game soundtrack. The rolling synths in the background accompanied by sweet electronic keyboard arpeggios make this a sweet ride. Therefore, strut your stuff down any which way with this song–no words, just feel the beat. Paul Thomas transcends you into a Tron world with his remix of this track.

Cybernetic‘ gives us all the Daft Punk vibes from the synthetic, robotic voice to the tempo and bass line. It is electric and builds your attention up until the percussive elements introduce the melody. Get that vaporwave aesthetic in your speakers with this.

Heartbeats‘ opens up with 8-bit riffs flowing into a deeper, electro melody. It has a sunny soundscape, something you can play while driving down the boardwalk with as the sunsets. ‘Want U‘ takes things down a few notches and slows in tempo. Giving off an R&B, synthwave feel, it is a great track to chill to while ‘The Really Long One‘ gives you the second wind you need after a long day. Its initial melody plays and you wonder where it’s going to go. Soon, angelic synths enter and echo as more percussive elements add to the mix.

We end with ‘Transport‘, a repetitive yet catchy song with a melody you cannot stay away from. This is a funk-ified version of disco and oldies music with some slight tech-house rhythm and modernization. That bass line is most infectious, where we can see this being played exclusively for those who simply get it.

Well, what are you waiting for? Listen to see what we’re talking about below.

Grum – Heartbeats: Ten