Habstrakt Brings Bass House to DJ Snake’s ‘Trust Nobody’


French Power right here! DJ Snake’s latest hit ‘Trust Nobody’ has become a chart-topper since its release. After getting a belter remix from Valentino Khan, a new challenger has entered the ring. French DJ Habstrakt has just released his own version of this hard trap anthem, and the result is pure bass house art.

DJ Snake, Habstrakt and Malaa backstage at HARD Summer 2019 at ...
Creator: Gabriel Olsen | Credit: Getty Images

It’s no secret French DJs get along better than most. You’ll always hear at least one remix coming from one of the big names inside France whenever one of the others release a track. This time, we get blessed with a bass house masterpiece, courtesy of Habstrakt. Ever since that massive moshpit video, the world set their eyes on DJ Snake’s latest track. Then, on June 24, ‘Trust Nobody’ finally premiered. Since that, we’ve gotten a ton of remixes. This one, however, is different. Trust me, if you’re into house music, will rock your soul.

Habstrakt, Bass House Don

This is that raw French sound you want. That Sans Merci bass house. That get your groove on to distorted basslines and crazy excellent drum patterns. Habstrakt has definitely delivered my favorite ‘Trust Nobody’ remix so far. You’ll definitely find this one in each and every one of my sets. The rhythm, those pauses, and the drum pattern just are all so sexy to me. Truly one of my favorite remixes of the year.

Habstrakt continues proving house does go hard. If you’re a house DJ, and you’re playing at festivals such as Lost Lands, you’re definitely doing something different. And different is good. This remix is nothing but fire. I’m a diehard Habstrakt fan, and after this, well, you’ll definitely catch me at his next set. Whenever that happens.

Stream Habstrakt’s new remix for DJ Snake latest track ‘Trust Nobody’ below!