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Joseph Capriati feat. James Senese – ‘New Horizons’

The Italian Dj and producer Joseph Capriati Collaborated with James Senese to present the unique track, ‘New Horizons‘. This marks the second track from his upcoming album, Metamorfosi, following up ‘GOA‘ which was released at the end of July. On that note, Capriati will release the body of work via his own label, Redimension, on September 4.

Being faithful to the title, the song explores ‘New Horizons’ within the artist’s production. To be more specific, it presents a downtempo build that moves away from Joseph’s characteristic techno productions. Moreover, the track acts as an ode to Joseph’s hometown of Naples.

Joseph Capriati New Horizons

“This track has priceless value and for me has a great meaning. We didn’t want to make a pure techno track, because it would turn out to be trivial together with James Senese’s saxophone and his voice. The idea was to make an electronic track, and it turned out to be quite trip-hop, very 90s, in a similar style to Massive Attack or Tricky.

Joseph Capriati

The connection between Joseph Capriati and James Senese in ‘New Horizons’ is evident from the first listen. The sax offers a liberating experience inside Joseph’s deep beat. In addition, Joseph captured moments from Senese’s career in Italian music, a backbone of the famous 80’s Neapolitan sound.

In conclusion, it’s a powerful song with great depth to it, presenting the connection between past and present music. You can watch the official video here, or listen to the song below.

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