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Kryder Brings Back Acid House With Latest Single ‘LSD’

Amidst the chaos of the coronavirus, we had been seeing a resurgence of various musical sounds come through. The 90s, electro, piano, funk, soul, and now acid house. Kryder is here with ‘LSD’, an infectious and groovy tribute to acidity. We see this single’s release on Musical Freedom.

Everything about this track activates the hidden memories we forgot we had. Right from the start, you get that snare and synth buildup, reminiscent of a video game soundtrack. The analog kicks, the titillating bass line, the 90s warehouse vibe–this is acid house. Listen to that drop, blast it at a house party, and let those acid notes keep on kicking. Aptly named for the sensation you feel, we hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Music-making is the career path that he chose at a young age. He made his dreams come to fruition by defying genres and typical sounds of the industry today. He lets the groove and musicality whisk him away, and it will do the same to your ears. Teetering between big room firepower and groovy dance floor jams, his audience always craves more.

Kryder fills epic spaces with aggressive sounds, and that is something that reaches the inner crevasses of our souls. For music to touch us to the core, release our primal instincts, and unleash our wildest emotions–that makes good music.

Thousands of clubbers in Ibiza flock to the island to listen to his explosive sound. When he’s not producing in the studio, he’s delivering underground releases on his imprint SOSUMI Records or through his radio show.

A producer for the people, listen to his new single below. Tell all your friends and blast it out loud. You can even blare it in your headphones for a silent disco party.

Kryder – LSD

Nina Chiang
Music and dance feed my soul
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