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Lawrence Lui – Kazimierz

Breaking a two years silence, electronic music explorer Lawrence Lui returns with Isolation Loops, a 13 minute EP inspired by his recent bout with Covid-19. Cross-hatching bits of Autechre, 90s shoegaze, field recordings, Steve Reich, ASMR YouTube videos and black metal tempos, Isolation Loops is a fever dream of spiraling tones and drones, an uncompromising yet strangely comforting gaze into the void. Finding solace from unexpected sources, the track ‘Kazimierz’ was stitched together from looped accordions and lo-fi house, while ‘Hospital’ was actually recorded in hospital with minimal processing. At once life-affirming and haunting, Isolation Loops is deep-dive head music for our uncertain times. 

Recently signed to Symphonic Distribution, Lui has garnered over 4.5 million streams and support in tastemaker outlets like Magnet Magazine, WFMU, Indie Shuffle, Nexus Radio and Big Shot Magazine. Check his music here.

‘I recorded my latest EP ‘Isolation Loops’ shortly after my recovery from Covid-19, back in March, in a burst of frenzied activity. In fact, I was one of the first people in the USA to actually catch the disease, so it was a bit scary, and almost impossible to get tested at that time. Nothing like a brush with mortality to get the creative juices flowing!’

Exclusive quote from Lawrence Lui to EDMTunes

Be sure to check out ‘Kazimierz’ on all platforms here and pre-save the full EP ‘Isolation Loops’ coming soon!

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