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Nostalgix & Rose Motion Release ‘By Myself’ on CONFESSION

Nostalgix is back on Tchami‘s imprint, CONFESSION, through a collaboration with Rose Motion titled ‘By Myself‘.

On the track itself, the sentiment of empowerment and finding value through doing things for the sake of oneself is highlighted. It definitively presents that narrative by imbuing the track with buoyant and light sounds. Through and through, it emits a lively sense, even when taking into consideration the hefty bass and rhythm. In fact, it substantiates the feeling more by giving it such an infectious groove.

‘By Myself’ starts off on a light percussive note, bringing in the vocals following a warm pad. Notably, Rose Motion’s great delivery and their remarkable utilization throughout the song are a big part of what makes it infectious. Following the riser, ‘By Myself’ quickly breathes new life into itself with the pitch-shifted and chopped vocals. Not only that, but the full body of powerful kicks, rumbling bass, and playful melodic garnishing notes make it a memorable track.

Considering Nostalgix’s releases thus far, it’s abundantly clear that she’s going to carve a path to the top. Her overall sound obviously pulls away from some influences, but it’s above all, unique with a distinct vision.

Finally, you can listen to Nostalgix and Rose Motion’s collaboration, ‘By Mysef’, via CONFESSION below.

Husam Alzgheibi
Writer & Editor | Concordia University student | Interned at the Sound and Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute in Amman, Jordan. Email:
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