Super8 & Tab ft. Roxanne Emery – Calm The Storm


Finnish trance duo Super8 & Tab treat us to a new track this week. With ‘Calm The Storm‘, it features the sweet vocals of Roxanne Emery. We see its release on Armada Music.

This single follows their last collaboration ‘Open My Eyes‘ with Fatum. It is part of their These Little Stories album. The song is filled with emotive vocals and melodic bursts of synths. We get rolling bursts of bass and the signature hybrid trance sound of theirs throughout.

With a steady string of releases, we’re finally seeing another studio album after two years. So far, their collaborations have been spot on and checked all the boxes of their production value.

As they embody the power and passion of trance, they prove to us time and time again what they’re worth. Taking their hybrid sound into the future, we’ve kept a watchful eye on them since ‘Helsinki Scorchin’. It’s been over a decade and their trailblazing spirit lives on.

Janne Nansnerus and Miika Eloranta create euphoric dance experiences. From their high energy sets to festivals around the world, they unleash prodigious talent everywhere they go. They’ve remixed singles for some of the industry’s greatest like Armin van Buuren, Andrew Rayel, Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, and more.

Since their last studio album Reformation came out in 2018, they’ve pushed sonic boundaries in production. Bringing new elements into music and studio play, each release is an anthem piece.

“We set up the label and have a lot of new people working on our team. This creates a whole new vibe. Everything feels so exciting again to me. It feels like it did back in the days when we were releasing our first tracks. – Super8 & Tab

We look forward to Part Two of their 2020 studio album and what more they have in store. The anticipation builds as we wait. Listen to their latest single below.

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