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Last Heroes – Passing Through (feat. Trove)

Last Heroes is out with new music for us. This time, it’s a melodic bass track titled ‘Passing Through‘ featuring Trove. We see yet another release on Seven Lions’ imprint, Ophelia Records.

With a melodic bassline and chimes sprinkled in the background, the song is driving and emotional. This is reminiscent of Illenium and Seven Lions sounds, which is why we love this. It brings out all the immaculate production and heartfelt vibes. The uplifting charm, the emotionally-charged rhythm–the Colorado natives are killing the game right now. It’s a softer take on the melodic dubstep that they’re used to playing. The relaxing atmosphere coupled with organic, electronic timbres from Trove makes this quite a song.

Brian Helander and Garrett Lucero make up the duo Last Heroes. They want us to know that this release is different from their past ones. Their inspiration comes from all kinds of music, and as a result, it showcases their experimental sound. This song reflects their growth in the past year along with more on the way.

Trove is an Australian singer, songwriter, and producer and he creates captivating moods with his pieces. That comes in perfectly for this collaboration. Instrumentation meets digital explosion from both sides for this song.

I think we can all agree that what we need right now is music like this. Its soundscape takes us to a place of happiness. We can definitely see this being played live and we will swoon when it does. That feeling of dancing in the crowd and leaning on your friends to a song that just gets you. It’s the feeling that we need, and the feeling that we miss the most.

Take a listen to their latest single below. Do you like their latest sound? We’re excited to see what they have next in store.

Last Heroes – Passing Through (feat. Trove) | Buy/Stream
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