Man Sentenced 1 Year in Jail for Holding Large Parties


A man in Maryland is sentenced to one year in jail for hosting two large parties against COVID-19 gathering restrictions.

42-year-old man Shawn Marshall Myers was convicted for failing to comply with emergency guidelines twice, according to a statement made by the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office.

On March 22, Meyers was found hosting a large party at his home. With 50 people at his residence, he was seen violating Governor Larry Hogan‘s large gathering orders. Upon officers’ arrival, the man was asked to disband the party and Meyers eventually agreed.

Five days later, on March 27, officers arrived once again to Meyer’s home and found another party surpassing fifty people. Officers asked Meyers to disband the party, but this time he refused. He asked his guests to stay at his home, violating Governor Hogan’s orders. As a result, he was arrested on the scene.

Meyers will be serving his one year sentence at the Charles County Detention Center. Once he is released, he will be on unsupervised probation for three years.