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New Jersey Music Venues May Open with Restrictions

Residents in the New Jersey area will be pleased to hear that music venues will be allowed to reopen. After months of closure due to the coronavirus, these hard-hit venues will be allowed to open. Many of these establishments have been closed since March, and the update is aimed at indoor performance venues of various sizes alongside concert venues. Performers can hit the stage starting this Friday when the closures are officially lifted.

Of course, not everything will revert back to the way life was pre-COVID. According to Governor Phil Murphy, face masks will be required for both staff and attendees at these venues. In addition, people will have to maintain socially distant from one another while inside. Lastly, the capacity of these venues will have to be capped at 25% or 150 people at most.

Due to the importance of staying socially distant from one another, nightclubs with dance floors will have to remain closed. It’s frustrating, but keeping groups of people at a safe distance from one another in these environments is near impossible. Unfortunately, many venues and clubs will remain closed until more restrictions are lifted. All in all, venues will need to have spread out audience seating.

The reopening will certainly bring a small wave of relief to business owners who have been struggling to make ends meet recently. Additionally, artists and performers will finally have an audience to return to. This small step forward is great news for those of us hoping for large-scale events and festivals to return next year. For now, we just have to take things one step at a time, ensuring we stay healthy.

Lastly, Governor Murphy also announced that movie theaters and indoor dining could reopen Friday with similar limitations. Read more about Governor Murphy’s announcement here.

Governor Phil Murphy’s Executive Order

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