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Spotify Artists Can Now List Their Virtual Events

Spotify has revealed that artists can now list their virtual events on their profiles and the platform’s concert hub. This will make it easier for fans to find out when their favorite music creators will be going live online.

Since the start of the pandemic, artists have been turning to virtual events to promote a safe concert experience. According to a statement made by Spotify, this shift to digital events led them to come up with the idea to list them.

The music streaming platform is partnering with Songkick and Ticketmaster to make this concept come to life. Therefore, artists must work through Songkick to get their events listed on the Spotify app; some Ticketmaster events will also be transferred.

Spotify begins the listing of virtual events.
Spotify debuts the listing of virtual events. Photo obtained from the official Spotify website.

Music-makers can host their events live from many streaming platforms, such as Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube, and more. As long as the events are listed on Songkick or Ticketmaster, they will automatically be added to their profiles.

Artists have the choice to set a virtual event as their Artist Pick, making it easier for fans to find. Spotify will also be emailing personalized virtual event recommendations to listeners based on the artists they listen to and the music they enjoy.

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