Valentino Khan Goes Hard With New Track ‘Deathproof’


Valentino Khan is back baby! EDM’s favorite mustache is here to blow your speakers once again! Once again, Khan takes us into his hardest side, and I’m all here for it. Valentino Khan’s new track is titled ‘Deathproof’ and I’m not sure all stages will actually be death-proof to it. ‘Deathproof premiered through Mad Decent.

Valentino Khan

Hard Khan is good Khan. There’s no better or more articulate way to express it. The DJ, known for his ability to experiment between genres, and then add his own signature whirl, Khan does it like no one else. No, he takes on one of the fastest rising genres: mid-tempo. According to Khan himself, the distorted sounds created by french electro and blog haus are the inspiration for this new track. About the track itself, Khan declared:

“My introduction to dance music over a decade ago came from passing by my brother’s room and hearing the distorted electronic sounds that were coming overseas from Europe.  This music was fresh to my American ears and created a new culture that motivated me to push boundaries as a producer. 

This next series of releases blends my own sounds with the inspirations I’ve drawn from this era of dance music. In doing that, I’m looking to continue to evolve as an artist by bringing a fresh perspective to the table sonically. I truly am looking forward to sharing these upcoming records with everyone and showing why I’m so passionate about dance music.“ – Valentino Khan


Well, there you have it, the first of many releases. But for now, let’s focus on ‘Deathproof’.  Riddled with a harrowing bassline, the intensity of the record is unmatched. We’re dropped in a dark track that sounds just like distortion and power. I really have no other words to describe it. Khan nails the essence of mid-tempo. The result? A double drop which intensifies the signature sound he’s presented lately. ‘Deathproof’ then grows larger as we are transported to the depths of Valentino’s creativity. Then, comes the second drop. After a super-strong build-up enters a Khan drop. A classical super strong, yet house structure drop.

If this is Khan’s latest EP, I can’t wait for the whole thing. Hopefully, we’ll get new Valentino Khan pretty soon. But for now, this will definitely do it.

Stream Valentino Khan – Deathproof below!