Diplo Shares Vision For Super Bowl Half Time Show


Music producer Diplo starred on Nerf House Rapid Fire Questions and shared his vision for a Super Bowl Halftime Show performance during the interview.

Formally known as Thomas Wesley Pentz, the music producer spoke with Nerf house and shared some thoughts about himself and his career. Throughout the interview, he builds a Nerf X Fornite blaster as he answers the interviewer’s questions.

When asked about his ideal Diplo Super Bowl Halftime Show, the music maker answered:

“[It would] be amazing, be a lot of thunder, lightning, I would have a whole like choreography, kind of thriller with zombies, glow sticks, helicopters, and some animals, probably. something like that.”

The music producer has quite the vision for a future Super Bowl Halftime performance. Fans can only hope Diplo’s fantastic and fun idea can someday come true.

In addition to an ideal Diplo Super Bowl Halftime Show, he was asked questions about some of his successes in his career. In one moment, he is asked if he would host a Mad Decent Block Party in space or underwater.

Diplo continues to make waves in the mainstream, working with incredible artists such as M.I.A, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber. As of lately, the music producer has been experimenting with his sound. He recently released his first 12-track ambient album MMXX. If anyone has the ability to make an epic Super Bowl Halftime performance, it is certainly Diplo. Therefore, we hope to see him one day on this legendary show.

View the full interview below.