Dutch Nightclubs Will Remain Shut Until Vaccine Available


The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte on Tuesday announced a range of new measures in a bid to combat the second wave of coronavirus cases. Unfortunately, yet understandably, one of these include keeping nightclubs shut until a vaccine is available for COVID-19.

Nightclubs were originally meant to reopen on September 1. Unfortunately, with the country and its neighbours tackling its second wave of coronavirus cases, Rutte confirmed in the press conference that they will remain closed until a vaccine becomes available.

New restrictions include a ban on outdoor events, as well as a ban on the sale of alcohol after 8pm. Gatherings are limited to four people, and restaurants must be closed after 10pm. For contact tracing purposes, guests to restaurants and bars will also leave their names and contact details. The full list of measures can be found here.

Elsewhere in Europe, authorities have announced similar measures. France’s president Emmanuel Macron had just last night issued a curfew in Paris and seven other cities; this will take effect on Saturday. Those breaching the law – being outdoors between 9pm and 6am without a proper justification – will be fined €135.

Meanwhile, Spain had mandated 15-day closure of all bars and restaurants across the northeastern region of Catalonia. This comes as the country’s total cases come close to 900,000, with deaths topping 33,000.